How much does a Data Scientist make in Nigeria?. Everything is tracked, mapped, and recorded in digital bits in this brand-new world. Because a growing number of Nigerians own smartphones, a person’s entire life can be documented digitally.
The existence of a man can be perceived by the effect he has had on numerous computerized channels. With the help of data, a lot of unspoken information about the world we live in can now be discovered. Our breakthrough ability to analyze data is leading us to new discoveries that will forever alter our way of life and how we interact with the world.
Data is now the lifeblood of business today and the ultimate enabler of society’s evolution in the 21st century. The best and the most extravagant representing things to come are the people who have acquired unrivaled dominance by they way they make an interpretation of enormous information into significant bits of knowledge, effective business choices, upgraded administrations to clients, and the evasion of dangers and misfortunes.
The art of converting data into actions is known as DATA SCIENCE.

Average salary of data scientist in Nigeria.

The average salary for a Data Scientist working in Nigeria is approximately 6,203,500 NGN per year, with the lowest salary being approximately 2,976,900 NGN and the highest salary being approximately 9,731,500 NGN. Data Scientist salaries will vary a lot based on your experience, location, skills, and gender.

Salary Structure for Data Scientists in Nigeria


We already know that the average salary for a Data Scientist in Nigeria is between 2,976,900 and 9,731,500 NGN. In statistics, this is referred to as the range.
The contrast between the greatest and least qualities is a decent sign of changeability in pay rates, and can be utilized by bosses to sort out the amount they can hope to pay, and for representatives to know the amount they can procure.


In Nigeria, the average salary for a Data Scientist is 6,442,400 NGN. This is the center worth in the appropriation of compensations.
This indicates that roughly 50% of the population earns more than 6,442,400 NGN, while 50% earn less than 6,442,400 NGN.
It’s a good sign that you’re getting paid well if you earn more than the median salary.


Similar to the median salary, percentiles examine the values in the upper and lower halves of the distribution rather than the middle value.
In Nigeria, 25% of the population earns less than 4,235,500 NGN, while 75% earn more than 4,235,500 NGN, which is the average salary for a data scientist.
75 percent of people earn less than 8,411,800 NGN, while 25 percent earn more than 8,411,800 NGN. Nigerian salaries for data scientists based on experience level

The number of years of experience you have is the most important factor in determining your salary after the particular profession. It stands to reason that a higher wage will be earned with more experience

  • 0–2 years of experience In Nigeria, a Data Scientist with less than two years of experience can anticipate earning around 3,481,100 NGN.
  • 2 to 5 years of expertise The average salary for a Data Scientist would rise to 4,931,400 NGN for those with two to five years of experience.
  • Five to ten years’ experience From five to a decade of involvement as an Information Researcher, the typical compensation would be 6,493,000 NGN.
  • 10 to 15 years of expertise The average salary for someone with more than ten years of experience is around 7,980,700 NGN.
  • 15 to 20 years of expertise The average salary for a Data Scientist with 15 to 20 years of experience is 8,483,700 NGN.
  • Over 20 Years of Experience For an Information Researcher with over 20 years, the normal typical compensation increments to 9,301,600 NGN.

Data Scientist Salary by Education Level in Nigeria

In addition to work experience, education has a significant impact on pay. A high level of education is required for many high-paying jobs, but how much can a degree increase your salary?
The salary you can earn with your education depends a lot on where you live and what you do for a living.

  • An undergraduate degree An Information Researcher in Nigeria with a four year certification schooling can procure a typical compensation of 4,870,300 NGN.
  • An advanced degree. An Information Researcher in Nigeria with a graduate degree training can procure a typical compensation of 6,216,700 NGN.
  • PhD: An average salary for a Data Scientist in Nigeria with a PhD is 9,191,000 NGN.

Data Scientist Salary Compared by Gender

In the modern age, there should never be a compensation hole among people. Sadly, men and women still earn significantly different salaries in many occupations.
In Nigeria, a male information researcher will procure a normal of 6,600,900 NGN, while a female information researcher will procure around 6,024,400 NGN.
This implies that a male information researcher procures roughly 10% in excess of a female information researcher for playing out a similar work.

Data scientist reward and incentive rates in Nigeria

One more piece of your general remuneration in a task is how much reward you get. Some work jobs will be bound to pay a reward than others and furthermore bound to have higher extra rates.
Occupations that taking everything into account, are more engaged with direct income age will get higher rewards in view of the presentation towards income objectives.
54% of Data Scientist employees have received at least one bonus in the past year, making it a moderately bonus-based position.
46% of respondents stated that they had not received any bonuses over the previous year.
For the workers that got a reward in the past a year, the revealed rewards went from 3% to 6%.